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New Extensions added!

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New Extensions added!

Postby Cpt. Blackbeard » 13 Jan 2015, 16:21

We've added several extensions here to make this board better for you, More will be added if needed and desired as they become available. To quickly explain what was added,

Auto Database Backup 1.1.0 AS it says this backs up the database automatically ensuring that any loss can be recovered from with little loss.

Board Announcements 1.0.0 You've seen it already, with it Admins can quickly alert you to items of interest and changes.

Board Rules 1.0.1 Adds a separate rules page, will be up once rules are finalized and added.

Copyright 1.0.0 Adds a Copyright notice to the footer

Pages 1.0.0 Allows creation of custom pages as needed.

Precise Similar Topics 1.3.0 Searches the board for topics already up that are similar to the one you are starting.

Pretty Topic 1.0.0 Adds images to special topics like Stickies and locked topics for easy identification

Private Message Box Status Bars Lets you see at a glance how much room is left in your Private message folders

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Welcome on Index
I think these are obvious, we hope you like the changes and look forward to improving your experience here even more.
Thank You.

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Re: New Extensions added!

Postby AVenger » 15 Jan 2015, 09:32

That is great, Blackbeard! It's nice to see that we are continuing to improve the forums. Great job!

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