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Welcome to the Tech Help Forum!

Having PC troubles and looking for advice? Post your questions here.
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Welcome to the Tech Help Forum!

Postby AVenger » 17 Jan 2012, 09:06

Welcome to the Tech Help forum.

This forum is here to help our members out with some tech related problems they are having. You can post here for any kind of help; but our Tech Experts specialize in Software, Hardware, Internet, OS, etc. problems. Our Tech Experts are the “go-to” guys of this forum. They are here to help you out. Anyone can post replies; but if you are looking for the best answer fast, our Tech Experts will be there in a flash.

Please follow some simple guidelines on this section of the forum.

First please don’t use profane language. This is a rule across the whole board and will continue to be kept on this forum.

Also, please give us detailed information about your problem. If your problem is a hardware problem, please provide your computer specifications and the information on the part that is giving you trouble. If your problem is a software problem, please provide error logs (if possible) as well as detailed information about your situation. If your problem is on the Internet, please include the browser and browser version you are using, the website or function that is giving you the problem, and tell us what exactly is going wrong with it. If an operating system is giving you problems, please include your OS information (OS version, other computer specifications, etc.) and the problem that is occurring. Can you also make you make sure your topic title includes what the problem is, not something like "Help, I'm stuck.". This will make it easier for us to help you.

Thank you for following these simple guidelines. We are here to help you in any way we can.

The Tech-Squad Team.
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