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Top virtualization services

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Top virtualization services

Postby zabinn » 22 Jul 2015, 01:00

Virtualization is creation of the virtual version of a server, storage device, operating system or network. There are different types of virtualization such as server virtualization, OS or operating system virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization and application virtualization. Leading IT corporate organisations such as Intel and Dell are promoting virtualization products and services to their clientele. Intel is promoting Intel Virtualization Technology or Intel VT that includes CPU virtualization, memory virtualization, input or output virtualization, network function virtualization and Intel Graphics virtualization technology. HP or Hewlett Packard is another leading IT corporate organisation with a client virtualization portfolio. HP converged System 700 is a new introduction evolving desktop virtualization. The requirement of the users on the functionality of their desktop vary; task workers such as bank tellers or call center operators use only one or two applications. There are also productivity users using only office applications such as emails, spreadsheets and word processing. Both the groups can easily opt for HP Converged System 700. There are also plenty of users requiring access to multiple applications, business graphics and media features essential for web content, smooth video and graphics; such users can easily opt for HP Moonshot systems. There are businesses considering desktop virtualization for its advantages such as increasing user productivity for client devices, applications and connectivity requirements. Organisations can seek virtualized desktops to reduce downtime, and prevent the wastage of time that users spent on dealing with help desk issues. There are plenty of advantages for the HP desktop virtualization; it is simple, fast and efficient. It is reliable and provides consistent user experience and performance. Moreover, it provides support for application, desktop and graphics download. It is also integrated with leading client software vendors such as VM ware. Such products and services are ruling the field of virtualization.

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