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Forge of Empires

Posted: 09 Dec 2014, 16:01
by Cpt. Blackbeard
I used to buy and play games regularly as they moved to become more online instead od stand alone I stopped buying games. With my current life I prefer games I can log into whenever I want to kill a few minutes, browser based games like FoE Unlike the typical game that relies on intense action these types focus on slow advancement, here you start in the stone age like in Age of Empires and advance through the ages researching new tech, building new structures just to replace them later with better ones, and fighting battles to advance your cause. It also requires more planning as space to build is limited and adding more is hard, not even spending money will let you buy more land until you earn the expansion through gameplay. If antyone is interested PM me your email and I will send an invite, you'll join near me and we can help each other. I'm co leader of a Guild there and you won't be alone. Plus I get a bonus :D