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Next Gen Technology: FPGA

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Next Gen Technology: FPGA

Postby irania » 29 Oct 2011, 04:35

FPGA is the abbreviation for Field programmable gate array which had been designed in the form of an integrated circuit which is found to be of quite help for the people. This is used mainly by the customers after it had gone through the manufacturing service

Most semiconductor industry followers are well aware of the role that mobile devices now play in driving the semiconductor ecosystem. Memory chips and microprocessors for the PC market have been joined, if not surpassed, by Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) for smart phones as the primary forces pushing manufacturers in their efforts to extend Moore’s Law to the next process node. FPGAs are often described as a lower-cost alternative to ASICs, but that only tells part of the story. A more accurate explanation for why FPGAs have become drivers of process technology is not just their lower cost compared to ASICs, but also because of the advantages that can be derived from their cost-performance. Today’s most advanced applications require the higher performance and functional density that only smaller geometry transistors can deliver. FPGAs are now leading the way in providing more designers with the earliest access to the benefits of advanced process nodes, while mitigating the cost of custom tooling. However, while FPGAs continue to push the performance envelope, issues remain that hold back more widespread adoption. If the FPGA Services and EDA vendors can improve the hardware design tools and enhance ease of use, we can expect FPGAs to become the preferred method for more designers to access the coming generations of semiconductor technology.

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