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Newbie guide: Website 101

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Toshi Sasaki
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Newbie guide: Website 101

Postby Toshi Sasaki » 03 May 2011, 18:17

Here's a guide to making a successful site!

Bear-basics! Rawr! :P (Bare-basics XD)

1. Aesthetics, make sure your site has visibility and simplicity, pleasing to the eye elements.

2. Visibility, your site must be east to navigate through and must NOT be overloaded with images or decorations.

3. A good layout is a MUST, draw a site map and layout on paper FIRST!

4. Find a target audience, are you marketing for electronic consumers? How about athletes?

5. Provide feedback for your users, what can they make of your site? Can they contact you for anything?

>>This is basically how your site should be in a nut shell, below are some examples of a BAD site and a GOOD site<<<< (BAD site) (GOOD site)

I hope this helps you future Web Designers! :D

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Re: Newbie guide: Website 101

Postby THCAndy » 17 May 2011, 20:53

Great info, thanks for the guide! :)

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Re: Newbie guide: Website 101

Postby shovenose » 17 May 2011, 21:25

Definitelty a great few points toward a good website.
LOL@ that first website:
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